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Subject: Whats your stroke?
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punk67 7/7/2006 - 6:30:05
Wats ur alternate flavour and how do u feel? *

daffs 9/4/2006 - 11:06:23
Not too sure wat it is you mean...but i listen to marilyn manson,disturbed and lots more and feel that rock musick is the way forward! :) *

evil17 11/3/2006 - 9:38:09
Hey.Heavy metal.Gud music.Marilyn manson,seether,metallica,deftones.Slipknot.Bands dat r nt fake.Knw wat life al abt.Rock music is great.Wat keeps me g2g.They speak da truth! *

dethdoll 12/4/2006 - 11:49:40
Im into goth, rock, metal and grunge... Im a ferm believer in stickin to wat you believe in! *

emog 2/5/2007 - 12:03:34
I Listen To Any Rock From Wolfmother To Lamb Of God Anything If It Is Good *

kknd 2/9/2007 - 8:29:33
Anything alternative! My list of bands is to long.. But Seether, Disturbed, Staind, Inflames, Godsmack etc. Anything thats good but if its loud its great! *

gawkie 4/14/2007 - 3:09:14
you might disagree with of but i honestly think that system of a down kick ass! and i also think korn are also good *

smelly 6/7/2007 - 5:01:49

mile992 9/13/2007 - 9:46:11
Blind Guardian's awesome!Metallica & Iron Maiden r kool too! *

uremoluv 29.03.08 - 08:23am
Im into alternative, emo, screamo, and more. My fav. Bands would b MCR, disturbed, 3 days grace, b4mv, the list is endless. *

aeolian 6.05.08 - 03:46pm
Actualy, im a big fans of Skidrow and Pantera, but as of now, i really love da sounds of Alterbridge, bcoz i lyk da way of Mark Tremonty he does in guitar! He's great, lyk a machine, yeah! *

itchy1 9.01.09 - 08:37pm
Every time i die, Atreyu, Alexisonfire, The Bled, The Used, Soil, Rise Against *

rav3n 15.10.10 - 10:52pm
good ol thrash and death metal bands like slayer, sodom, kreator, morbid angel, cannibal corpse, death etc.. *

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